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Calling the community of Dayton!

We are inviting you out to see what our GEMS have been learning!
Come celebrate our
 5th year of #ExpressYourselfEvents, Our girls will show off their creativity using reels, music videos and talk show - style presentations to show the community what being a Gem means to them.
There will also be vendors,raffles games and food to enjoy.

Admission: Donation Tickets

Click the link Below

Date: April 9, 2022

Time: 12:00pm-4pm

Location: Dayton Metro Library

215 E 3rd St

Dayton, OH 45402

Contact: Tianisha Payne 937-838-1969

Past  Events...

Bowling  with Beauties

Express Yourself

#GirlCode SnapChat 

A Word about Us

The Girls Emerging into Maturity organization originates out of Dayton, Ohio! We are the people who believe change is an action and not just a word. We take the hands on approach when it comes to our commitment! We bring teens together  to solidify sisterhoods, create opportunities for underprivileged adolescents and we inspire future generations of women. 

The mission of the Girls Emerging into Maturity organization is to improve Ohio's future by inspiring the youth, empowering families and the communities by providing them with tools and resources to succeed.

Our vision is to build bridges between challenged adolescents and successful women to motivate them to achieve their maximum potential.



Our Address:

42 Diamond Avenue

Dayton ,Ohio 45403


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Philanthropy Opportunity

'Providing a safe haven for the youth to have opportunities to practice critical thinking,  build self esteem and  encourage positive self expression is what The Girls Emerging into Maturity organization's  foundation is built upon. We exist to create a sisterhood, support system, and polish the Gems that are beneath our wings. Without the necessary funding our vision would seem lost at bay. We need  to break the recurring cycles the adolescents are faced with. Through the funding provided by your donation it will insure the sustainability of the program for generations to come.

Donations toward the Girls Emerging into Maturity organization will be utilized in several ways. Portions of the funding will go towards building programs designated to the success of the girls: Health, Education, Self- Esteem, Morality, Business, Financial, and Career. 


 I would like to thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to produce true Gems of the community.

Tianisha Payne, Founder

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